Hello! I'm Branka

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Welcome on my travel blog! My passion is traveling and I’ll be writing you about destinations that inspire me, giving advices and suggestions what do to and where to go. Writing about culture and tradicionals from different countries because meeting people and culture is the most important thing if you are a true traveller. Follow this page for new stories of my destinations and exploring new places. Live. Travel. Explore.

How I Became a Traveller

Since I was little, I was always excited to go somewhere new. The more I travelled the more I got obsessed with the idea of me traveling the world someday.
Learning about history and languages through high school and college made me want to travel and see it all. My first real trip was in Greece, exploring everything this beautiful country has to offer, met a lot of people and learned about the culture. When I came back home I was not the same person anymore and I told myself I will never stop exploring and discovering new places. 
Till today I’ve been to a lot of places in my country and abord, met people around the world, made new friends, learned few languages and saw breathtaking places. 
I’m working on my dream to travel to every country and city on this earth. 

Obsession became passion! 

Recent Travels

Goč, Serbia

Goč, Serbia

My New Year trip was on this beautiful mountain, to be honest I never really heard or knew about this place before. I'm really grateful that I had a chance to explore this mountain and also a city named Kraljevo on my way there. Being there for 4 days wasn't enough to...

Kuşadasi, Turkey

Kuşadasi, Turkey

I must say I fell in love with Turkey, not just because it's nature also because of people who are very nice, kind and lovely, it's culture and food. I went to Kusadasi this summer to enjoy something different for 10 days. Went to amazing breath taking places, tried...